Brian Clegg offers a comprehensive range of paint and ink products base on safe and high quality raw materials, specifically developed for nursery, primary and secondary education. All products are designed to exhibit the following features.

  • Attractive and intense colours
  • Excellent flow and handling characteristics
  • Superior washability where required
  • Reliability and consistency

Brian Clegg adhesive products are suitable for all art and craft techniques from simply sticking to Papier-mâché, to advanced art mediums.

Lakeshore has a complete range of Arts & Crafts materials for the young children.

  • The Liquid Tempera paints are fully washable from skin and clothes.
  • The heavy-duty brushes are easy to grip and use and are color- coordinated to the No-Spill Paint Cups.
  • The uniquely desgined No-Spill Paint Cups ensure that paint won’t spill if the cup is tipped...even when the lid is flipped open!
** Paints, paintbrushes and cups are sold separately.

Angel Dough is an assortment of soft, pliable dough. It is non-toxic and comes in 6 bright colours - red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. Available at 1.5kg/tub.