Giant Polydron

Giant Polydron is the NEW SENSORY CONSTRUCTION product from Polydron. It encourages children to make and recognise 2 and 3 dimensional shapes as well as an "awareness of shape and texture". Pieces are marked on one side with raised detail to help children recognise different shapes. In addition the inner edge has Braille markings saying Triangle and Square, which assist in the understanding of alternative forms of communication. The pieces are large and easy to handle both for the indoor and outdoor environment.

Poly-M, one of the best building bricks system worldwide - means fun, imaginative play and learning, stimulation of creativity.

With Poly-M, it is possible to make 2- and 3- dimensional constructions. All Poly-M bricks are fully compatible and form one system, providing unlimited building potentials. With the Poly-M system, toddlers are able to learn groping, grasping, assembling and colour recognition. Experts have cited Poly-M as an ideal manipulative toys when working with visual handicapped children.

Poly-M's unique universal joints are not found in other building bricks system. Poly-M's bricks are almost noiseless in use.