TTS Group Ltd is home to innovative, educational resources. Around for over 25 years, it has been talking to teachers, advisors, parents, early years professionals and many others, whose number one priority is the same as our own - children. The result is exceptional resources that will meet your needs and do what they promise. For more products range, please visit TTS website

BeeBot - A programmable floor robot, perfect for teaching control, directional language and programming to young children. Click below to watch a video demonstration

Lakeshore Listening Centre

Lakeshore Listening Centre - an instant listening centre and easy-access storage space for all your read-along materials in a convenient, compact design that fits right on your tabletop! Our sturdy hardwood centre comes with 8 sets of adjustable headphones that fit onto the centre, plus an 8-station junction box with individual volume controls. And, there's plenty of extra space to store your read-along packs, books, cassettes and CDs inside! Read-Along packs & Cassettes not included. Individual components are also available separately.

More details can be found in the pdf catalog